Young Greens collect 61.52 kilos of rubbish in Lara Beach clean-up

August 20, 2018 at 3:18pm
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Young Greens on Saturday helped clean up Lara Bay — one of Cyprus’ most important turtle beaches, noting that despite the significant improvement over last year, much still needed to be done for the island’s most important natural habitat.

As a result of the clean up the volunteers collected a total of 61.52 kg as follows:

  • 29.16 kg of recyclable material (plastic bottles, tins, pieces of plastic etc)
  • 24.06kg of various refuse (toilet paper, baby wipes, straws, cigarette butts, cartridges etc)
  • 4.98kg gas cylinders.
  • 3.32kg large cement bag.

Last year, during the August 19 clean up volunteers had collected 112 kg of rubbish of which 87 kg was plastic and the remaining 25 various refuse such as paper, glass, metals etc.

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