Young Cypriots more likely to live with parents than EU counterparts

December 14, 2018 at 12:01pm
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Young people in Cyprus are more likely to live with their parents than the EU 28 average.

But in line with the EU trend, more young men than young women tend to live with their parents, according to Eurostat figures published on Friday.

Overall, they show that the share of young people aged 16-29 living with their parents in 2017 was 68.2 % in the EU-28.

For young men the share was 73.3 %, while for young women it was 62.9 %, a gap of 10.4 percentage points.

In Cyprus, the corresponding figures were 84% for young men and 69% for young women. This puts Cyprus among the 10 countries with the highest such ratios.

In every EU Member State, the proportion of young women living in the parental home was lower than that of young men. The largest gender gaps were observed in Bulgaria (19.3 percentage points (pp) and Romania (17.2 pp), while the lowest were recorded in Spain (5.7 pp), Sweden (4.7 pp) and Malta (4.6 pp).

The largest shares of young men living with their parents were recorded in Croatia (93.1 %), Slovakia (89.2 %), Italy (88.3 %) and Malta (87.0 %).

For young women the largest shares were recorded in Malta (82.4 %) and Croatia (82.3 %).

The lowest percentages for both sexes were recorded in Finland (40.8 % for young men and 30.1 % for young women) and Denmark (39.5 % for young men and 31.9 % for young women).

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