Xylofagou and Astromeritis fires under partial control

June 30, 2019 at 6:19pm
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The Fire Services have managed to put under partial control two fires, raging one in Xylofagou village and the other in Astromeritis-Koutrafas-Potami area.

Fire Department spokesman Andreas Kettis said the fire in Xylofagou is burning wild vegetation and 7 vehicles are operating in the area, in addition to a British Bases helicopter. The area lies within the Bases.

In Astromeritis area, west of the capital Nicosia, six vehicles are operating, two from the Fire Department and two from the Forestry Department.

The blaze on both fronts is under partial control, Kettis said.


Seven fire-fighting vehicles operating to extinguish Xylofagou blaze