Workshop looks for ways to reduce single-use plastics in tourism industry

June 7, 2019 at 4:59pm
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AKTI project and research centre, an NGO, has organised a workshop entitled “Participatory citizen science for the reduction of single-use plastics in the tourism industry.”

The workshop is part of a programme of MIO Network– EcsDE’s Mediterranean Action Day 2019 which aims to promote the public’s participation in the Mediterranean and is supported by the LIFE + operating grant for NGOs.

Over 30 representatives from municipalities, the tourism industry, NGOs and the media took part in the workshop.

During the workshop participants proposed measures which could be implemented to reduce single-use plastics in the tourism industry.

The workshop outcomes found that the majority of participants or 20% believe that a Deposit Return System (DRS) could significantly reduce single-use plastics in the tourism industry.

Another 20% proposed the replacement of single-use plastics with products which are more friendly to the environment.

It is further noted that 18.3% of participants was in favour of a total ban in single-use plastics and of fully informing the public as possible solutions.

The reduction in the use of single-use plastics (8.3%) and the implementation of stricter legislation and the imposition of fines (6.6%) were also among solutions proposed by participants.

The use of special recycling bins, offering more incentives and launching beach cleaning campaigns were also among steps suggested by a smaller number of participants.

The workshop took place in the context of an annual event for the award of blue flags in “Finikoudes” beach in Larnaca.

(Cyprus News Agency)