Woman hospitalised after being attacked by two dogs

October 5, 2018 at 9:07pm
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A 38 year old woman has been taken to a private clinic after she was attacked by two large dogs as she attempted to enter an apartment building in Strovolos on Friday morning.

Philenews said the woman was heading to a scheduled doctor’s appointment when she was attacked by two dogs who were off the leash.

She suffered injuries to various part of her body and was taken to a private clinic where she was admitted for treatment.

Philenews said the dogs are kept at an adjacent field which is fenced, but with a number of holes from which they can escape.

Residents in the area have complained that the dogs have attacked people before, complaints have been filed with the police but no action has been taken.

Police told Philenews that they had taken a statement from the owner and the dogs had been examined by the Veterinary Services. They are registered and up to date with their shots and do not belong to a dangerous breed.

However residents told Philenews that two hours after the incident, the dogs were out and about again, only this time they were wearing a muzzle.

Police investigations continue.

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