Water inflow levels in dams still low despite rainfall

December 7, 2018 at 10:16am

Water inflow levels in dams are disappointing, despite recent heavy rainfall, Water Department deputy director Nicolas Christofides has said.

According to Christofides, the reason for this is that Cypriot dams are located at a higher altitude than the areas which have experienced much of the rainfall.

Dams are located at high altitude areas, because, when they were built, it used to rain more at mountain areas. Now, climate change has led to an increase in rainfall in lowland areas. Because of this, much of the rain does not enter the dams, Christofides explained.

Nevertheless, according to Christofides, inflow levels in December 2018 are on track to exceed those of December 2017.

“The total water inflow for December 2017 was 900 thousand cubic metres of water. Until Wednesday, 500 thousand cubic metres entered the dams, an encouraging amount,” he said.

Kourris dam in Limassol is the dam which has seen the highest inflow levels in the past days with 150,000 cubic metres of water.

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