Waste and bad smells from sewage leak in Anthoupolis

November 5, 2019 at 11:52am
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The Movement of Ecologists — Citizens’ Cooperation is ringing alarm bells with regards to the repeated sewage leakage due to damage to a pipeline of the Nicosia Sewage Board in the Pediaios River and up to Anthoupolis. The Greens call for immediate decontamination and prevention measures, stressing that despite apparent efforts to deteriorate the impact on the environment, facts prove otherwise.

 According to a statement in response to the parliamentary question of the President of the Movement, George Perdikis, the Minister of Agriculture, Kostas Kadis, confesses that in an exploratory drill conducted by the Water Development Department during August 2019 – February 2019, significant environmental pollution was found.

The Movement of Ecologists — Citizens’ Cooperation has no information that steps have been taken to stop the damage and to exclude any possibility of further leakage of waste into the fragile environment of the Pediaios River.

In conclusion, the Greens say they are looking for effective measures to prevent wastewater from leaking into the river again.