Warm weekend but lower temperatures on Monday and Tuesday

April 13, 2019 at 2:50pm
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The weekend is expected to be warm but dust is expected as of tomorrow, which will disappear on Tuesday, according to the Met Office.

In the afternoon the weather will be cloudy. Tonight it will be clear, with temperatures falling to 14 degrees C inland, around 16 on the coast and 11 on higher ground.

Tomorrow it will be sunny, temperatures will reach 27 degrees inland, around 23 on the coast and about 18 on high mountains.

On Monday it will be cloudy at times with local rain or thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, the weather will continue to be cloudy at times with local rain and isolated thunderstorms but by the evening it will improve.

On Wednesday scattered cloud may give isolated rain.

The temperature will drop significantly on Monday, further on Tuesday, lower than average, while on Wednesday it will rise.