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UK welcomes Cyprus government’s decision to extend deadline for UK nationals to apply for residency

September 18, 2019 at 8:08pm
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The British High Commission in Nicosia has welcomed the Cyprus government’s decision to extend the deadline for UK nationals in Cyprus to apply for residency.

Cyprus’ Civil Registry and Migration Department announced on Tuesday that “in the case of a NO deal Brexit, UK Nationals and their Family members who have resided in Cyprus prior to 31/10/2019 or as per date decided by the EU, they retain the right to continue to submit applications under the directive 2004/38/EC (MEU1, MEU2, MEU3) after 31/10/2019 and obtain the relevant residence permits, which are going to be valid until 31/12/2020.”

The British High Commission wrote on its Twitter account on Wednesday that “we welcome #Cyprus government’s decision to extend the deadline for #UK Nationals in Cyprus to apply for residency until 31/12/2020. This will ensure our citizens still have plenty of time to confirm their right to live in Cyprus after we leave the EU”.


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