Tourism revenue up, per capita expenditure down

November 29, 2018 at 4:07pm
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Swiss tourists are the biggest spenders when holidaying in Cyprus according to the September figures of the Cyprus Statistical Service with per capita expenditure of €913.07, Insider reported on Thursday.

It said that German visitors were second with €891.79. British tourists spent €884 per capita in September and Russians €683.5.

Total revenue, according to the Passenger Survey for September, rose 2.1% to €378.8m from €371 m. However, per capita expenditure was down.

Per capita expenditure per tourist for the period January to September 2018 was €700.21 compared to €738.49  in the corresponding period the previous year, representing a drop of 5.2%.

Per capita expenditure by day for January to September also dropped, falling an annual 3.2% from €77.4 to €75.29.

Tourism revenue for the first nine months of 2018 is estimated at €2.268b, up 2.3% over the €2.216b of the same period the previous year.

Per capita expenditure in September was €728.23, down 5% from €766.89 in September 2017. Per capita expenditure/per day was down 3% from €79.06 to €76.66.

There was also a 2.1% drop in the average length of stay from 9.7 days in September 2017 to 9.5 days in September this year.