Three arrested on suspicion of burglary, stealing sunglasses worth €40,000

July 28, 2019 at 9:07am
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Three people are under arrest on suspicion of breaking into a Nicosia shop and stealing sunglasses worth some €40,000.

Police said the three, aged 41, 33 and 44, were arrested on Saturday.

The 41 year old was arrested at Larnaca Airport as he was preparing to leave the country. He was stopped at passport control when officials found an arrest warrant was pending against him for the burglary.

A search of his belongings turned up one pair of sunglasses which he reportedly admitted to have been stolen from the specific shop.

The second man was arrested in Larnaca and the third was found at his home.

During a search of the home police found a large number of sunglasses in carton boxes for which they could not give adequate explanation.

Nicosia CID is investigating.