Third man arrested for assault in orchard

August 23, 2018 at 9:30am
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A third man wanted in connection with an assault in an orchard in Agridia in the Limassol district on Tuesday afternoon is under arrest and is expected to appear in Limassol district court on Thursday for a remand.

The 47 year old Turkish Cypriot was arrested on Wednesday, Two other men — a 39 year old Turkish Cypriot and a 33 year old Romanian are already in police custody.

Their arrest follows a complaint by a 48 year old Greek Cypriot that he had been attacked with a metal rod after a fierce argument with four individuals who he said were stealing his fruit.

The man was hospitalised in serious condition.

Police are looking for a fourth man.

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Updated: Two remanded on suspicion of assaulting man in orchard