The Forestry Department issues a statement concerning the turtles’ nesting beach

March 23, 2019 at 6:27pm
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The Forestry Department has issued a statement concerning the uprooting of acacia from the state forests of Gialia and Mavralis, following Phileleftheros’ front page piece about the total destruction of a state forest in a protected turtle nesting beach.

In its statement the Department says that Acacia saligna (acacia) is considered to be one of the most aggressive species in the natural habitats of Cyprus, that it is considered a serious threat and that its removal was essential.

This is not a breeding season and there are no consequences for the sea turtles, other vegetation will be planted in the area, the Department says.

Acacia has also been removed from other parts of the same area as well as other parts of the island, the statement continues.

As an immediate measure to protect the Caretta-Caretta nesting ground, the Forestry Department says that it will fence the area with a special net that cannot be penetrated by the disturbing car lights which have a negative effect on the turtles.

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