Teachers to take legal measures if pay is docked for 2-day strike

October 30, 2018 at 3:29pm
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Teachers will take legal measures if the state docks their pay for two days of strike action in September, the president of the primary teachers union POED, Philios Phylactou said on Tuesday.

He told philenews that teachers disputed the procedures followed by the Education Ministry and would be taking the case to court.

Teachers went on a two day strike in September. There was no deduction from their salaries in their September paychecks.

But  reports said that the Education Ministry had on Monday instructed the accountant general’s office to make the deduction this month.

Phylactou told philenews that teachers dispute the legality of the cuts. He said legal action was not over the money but for the procedures followed by the employer, in this case the Education Ministry.