Sunbeds torched on Paralimni beach; explosion in garage of house belonging to mayor

September 5, 2018 at 7:53am
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Sunbeds and umbrellas on a beach in the Kapparis area of Paralimni were destroyed overnight by a fire which appears to be malicious while an explosion in the garage of a house belonging to the town’s mayor damaged a car.

Police said that at around 2.10 am a fire broke out at the dog beach in the Kapparis area, damaging sunbeds and umbrellas belonging to Paralimni Municipality.

The fire started at four different spots and was put out by the fire service. Twenty umbrellas and 50 sunbeds were destroyed.

The site has been cordoned off and is being guarded by police with investigations set to start at the first light of day.

This is not the first incident against municipal property in the area. On August 1, sunbeds and umbrellas at one of the three beaches where they are offered for free by the municipality were vandalised while a week earlier a similar incident occurred at another beach.

Also early on Wednesday, an explosion occurred in the garage of a house belonging to Paralimni mayor Theodoros Pyrillis.

Police said the explosion occurred at 2.20 in am. The house is used by the mayor’s  domestic help and is next to the house where Pyrillis lives.

The door of the garage was open. There were two cars inside — neither of them belonging to the mayor. One of the two was damaged.

Police are guarding the area pending the start of investigations to determine the kind of explosive device used.

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