Storms and chance of hail on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday

June 11, 2019 at 2:50pm

The Met office expects lower than average temperatures and rain this week, as a low pressure system is affecting the region.

It said that increased cloud on Tuesday afternoon may lead to isolated showers and/or storms, with a chance of hail, mainly inland and in the mountains.

Wednesday will start off mainly fine, however increased cloud after noon may give way to isolated showers and/or storms with a chance of hail.

Temperatures will be 33 C inland, 27 C on the western coasts, 29 C on the rest of the coasts and 23 C in the mountains.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be cloudy at intervals with a chance of rain and/or storms mainly inland and in the mountains.

Temperatures will continue dropping until Thursday and are expected to rise on Friday.