Some respite from heat, scattered showers and possible storms through to Thursday

June 11, 2018 at 11:43am
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After the mini-heat wave of last Friday and Saturday when temperatures soared to 41 degrees, the Met Office is forecasting some respite, with lower temperatures, scattered cloud, isolated showers and the possibility of storms over the next few days.

Increased clouds on Monday afternoon may lead to scattered showers and/or storms, particularly in the mountains, inland and south east. Temperatures will be 34 degrees inland, around 30 on the south and east coast, 28 west and north and 23 in the mountains.

Tuesday will start off sunny, but clouds in the afternoon are expected to bring local showers and isolated storms, which may be accompanied by hail.

Wednesday and Thursday, the weather will be mainly sunny with cloudy spells. Local rain and isolated showers are expected in the afternoon in the mountains, inland and the south coast. Storms may be accompanied hail. Temperatures will be higher on Wednesday, particularly inland and in the mountains. No significant change in temperatures is expected on Thursday.

Friday will be mainly clear with increased clouds locally from noon on. Temperatures will rise slightly.