Six out of seven for Paphos as Evretou dam fills up

April 11, 2019 at 11:33am
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Evretou Dam, the third largest on the island, is 100% full, figures from the Water Development Department showed on Thursday.

This makes it the 11th dam to fill up this winter and the sixth in Paphos district.

This leaves one dam in the Paphos district still to fill up to capacity — Kannaviou, which is 90.4% full.

Kourris, Cyprus’ biggest dam by far, is 84.9% full compared to only 17.1% on the same day last year.

Overall water storage in the dams is at 88.9% compared to 23.6% on the same day last year.

Figures posted on the website of the Water Development Department on Thursday morning show that the dams have received a total inflow of 234,563 mcm (million cubic metres) since October 1.

This is higher than the 191,754 mcm collected in the second best year of the decade (2011/2012) over a 12 month period (October 2011-2012).

Evretou dam has a capacity of 24,000 mcm and Kannaviou a capacity of 17,168 mcm.


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