RPF unveils new funding opportunities for research proposals from Cyprus and Russia

November 22, 2018 at 2:54pm
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Cyprus’ Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) unveiled two new calls for proposals to fund research from Cypriot and Russian stakeholders with €600,000.

According to a relevant announcement, RPF is implementing the interstate agreement between Cyprus and Russia, by cooperating with Russia’s Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprise (FASIE) and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).

Funding is aimed at research and innovation projects coming from stakeholders in the two countries and is part of the programme for transnational partnerships.

During an event, RPF Director General Vassilis Tsakalos said that the agreement with the Russian Federation reflects a desire to strengthen and develop scientific cooperation on an equal footing and to mutual benefit.

Russian Ambassador to Cyprus Stanislav Osadhiy said Moscow always considered Cyprus as one of its trusted partners, adding that “despite international challenges, our multifaceted dialogue is being extended, with bright prospects.”

During that event, members of the scientific community, state officials and business people were briefed by RPF representatives about the funding opportunities provided by the two calls.

Interested stakeholders may find more details about the calls at the RPF website

(Cyprus News Agency)