Rain and thunderstorms as wintry weather returns

March 29, 2019 at 7:42am
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A low pressure system is moving east from Crete bringing rain over the next few days.

Dust in the atmosphere today is expected to clear in late afternoon.

Friday will be mainly cloudy in the morning with some scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. But from the afternoon on, there will be rain in most areas which in places will be heavy. Thunderstorms may be accompanied by hail while snow or sleet is possible late in the afternoon in Troodos.

Temperatures will be 17 C inland and on the coast and around 8 C in the mountains.

Tonight will remain cloudy with rain and thunderstorms as well as possible snowfall in the higher Troodos peaks. In places, phenomena may be intense and protracted.

Temperatures will fall to 10 C inland, around 13 C on the coast and 4 C in the mountains.

The weekend will be mainly cloudy with local rain and isolated thunderstorms with the possibility of hail and snow in the higher mountains.

On Saturday, phenomena may in places be intense and protracted. Temperatures will edge down on Saturday remaining at the same levels on Sunday which are below average for the time of year.

Monday will be partly cloudy with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms and possible snowfall in the mountains. Temperatures  will rise slightly but remain below average for the time of year.