Police seized more than 4800 firecrackers during Easter campaign

May 2, 2019 at 1:08pm

Police announced that they seized 4,842 firecrackers during a campaign to combat dangerous Easter customs that started on March 1.

In addition to the firecrackers, authorities also seized 16 fireworks, 11 torches, five smoke bomb and one pipe bomb. In total 162 people were booked for related offences.

The campaign lasted until Easter Sunday, police said.

Members of the force gave 574 information lectures this year on the dangers of explosives during Easter, police said.

This is the second consecutive year that no injuries are reported.

According to police between 2005-2015, there were 11 injuries on average per year, which sometimes included amputations or other serious injuries.

Specifically, in 2005 there were 28 recorded injuries, of which ten were serious. In 2006 there were four serious injuries, in 2009 there were eight serious injuries, in 2013 there were four serious injuries and in 2015 there were three serious injuries.