Police say they have started armed patrols in old Nicosia

July 17, 2019 at 2:32pm

Armed police officers are patrolling old Nicosia on foot every day after 10 pm, police spokesman Christos Andreou told ACTIVE Radio.

He explained that this is a measure taken after a recent spike in crime in the area.

Since the patrols started, on May 24, officers recorded 252 complaints for offences, Andreou said. They also stopped 145 vehicles, checked 183 persons and filed complaints against 76 establishments.

In May, a 28 year asylum seeker from Cameroon was murdered near Ochi roundabout, while in January a 38 year old woman was killed during an arson at a cafe on Costakis Pantelides street.

Also, in February a man was seriously injured in a knife attack in the area.