Police hunt robbers after second fast food delivery man robbed

January 1, 2019 at 4:10pm
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Police believe the same people may be involved after two fast food delivery men were robbed in Limassol and have already advised managers of large fast food restaurants to take security measures.

Limassol CID chief Ioannis Soteriades told the Cyprus News Agency that restaurant employees should verify the data of people placing orders for the first time and are not registered in their system.

He said that in both cases the perpetrators had called from a mobile phone, placed an order and given a location for the food to be delivered where they robbed the delivery man.

Soteriades said delivery men should not carry large quantities of money and in no instance  react in a way that may place their lives at risk.

The first incident occurred last Friday when a 28 year old delivery man was attacked in the Neapolis area by three hooded men who robbed him of 318 euro and 20 euro worth of pizza.

The second occurred on Monday afternoon when a 24 year old delivery man was attacked by  two hooded men who threatened him with a knife, immobilised him on the ground and took his bag with 330 euro.

Based on the description, police believe the same people are involved.