Police charge uncle of baby hospitalised following suspected drug ingestion

August 19, 2018 at 8:30pm
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The uncle of the 17 month old baby hospitalised after reportedly ingesting drugs was charged on Sunday with illegal possession of controlled pharmaceuticals and reckless and negligent actions that lead to bodily harm.

The 40 year old man was released with the expiration of his three day remand order.

He has not been cooperating with the police and police investigations continue.

The 17 month boy was taken to the emergency ward of Paphos Hospital in a comatose condition and from there rushed to Makarios Hospital in Nicosia where he was initially put on a respirator.

His health is reported to be improving steadily and he has been taken off the respirator.

The 40 year is the brother of the baby’s mother’s and had been spending with the family in recent days. The father is in jail on drug offences.

Tests showed traces of illegal substances in the child’s body.

Police believe that the drugs were left somewhere accessible to the 17 month old, or that he may have inhaled fumes from the use of drugs in the house.

Paphos police searched the home and found drugs.


Updated: Paphos man remanded after baby hospitalised for suspected drug ingestion