Police campaign against illegal parking in disabled parking spots

January 11, 2019 at 3:48pm
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Police are launching a week long awareness campaign on Monday to clamp down on illegal parking in spots reserved for the disabled. They will also target those who park in a way which prevents the disabled from getting around.

It said that emphasis will go to town centres where illegally parked cars obstruct the movement of people with mobility issues.

Also high on the list  will be cars parked in the opposite direction of traffic, which they said poses a risk of traffic accidents.

Police said that last year 1735 drivers were booked for parking their cars in spots reserved for the disabled.

Another 11,078 were booked for illegal parking.

“The main aim is to cultivate awareness among everyone that parking spots for the disabled should only be used by them. This needs to become entrenched in society and we are making constant efforts to achieve this goal,” police added.

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