Peyia Municipality seeks proper management of docking area in Bay of Laourou

April 13, 2019 at 9:05am
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Peyia Municipality says that the docking area of speedboats and other vessels, belonging to «Leptos Calypso Hotels Public Ltd» is operating for the past 30 years against the public interest.

Moreover, the company does not pay any fees to the local authority, which cannot use the beach for the benefit of swimmers, a press release issued by the Municipality says.

Peyia Municipality maintains that the Bay of Laourou has been eroded, because of the berthing of vessels in the area, and wants to have a say in any plans for the allocation and the management terms of the area as well as for any construction on site.

It also believes that prior to any decision relating to this area, environmental studies should have been carried out and illegal construction should have been demolished.

District Officer Mary Lambrou has explained that Leptos Calypso Hotels Ltd requested permission to remove from the port waste material, sand and seaweed, in order to bring the area back to its initial depth.

The District Office sought advice from the Public Works Department and the Fisheries Department. Both gave their consent, under certain terms, saying the material to be placed on the beach must be approved by the Fisheries Department.