Pavlos Mylonas: DIKO paves a path to stability and normality 

May 13, 2018 at 11:00am
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Pavlos Mylonas, former Citizens’ Alliance MP, joined forces with Democratic Party (DIKO), indicating at the same time that he personally backed DIKO leader, Nicolas Papadopoulos, as candidate in recent presidential elections.

Mylonas tried to justified his decision to join DIKO parliamentary group by highlighting the centrist political party’s role as cornerstone for stability in Cyprus.

Addressing the latest information regarding his alleged appointment as party’s spokesman, Mylonas stated that this decision should be exclusively made by DIKO’s competent working bodies.

Finally, Pavlos Mylonas declared that he still places a high priority on the defence of the Republic of Cyprus, the survival of Hellenism, as well as the fundamental rebuilding of a modern state which focuses on citizens.