Partly cloudy with local showers today and tomorrow

September 15, 2019 at 8:47am
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Low pressure is affecting the area. Sunday will be partly cloudy and local showers and isolated thunderstorms are forecast, especially at midday and in the afternoon.

Thunderstorms may be accompanied by hail.

Temperatures will rise to 32 C inland, around 30 C on the south and east coasts, around 28 C on the west and north coasts and 21 C in the mountains.

Tonight will see increased cloud, and scattered showers are possible, mainly in the east.

Temperatures will fall to 20 C inland and on the north coasts, around 22 C on the remaining coasts and 13 C in the mountains.

Monday will start off mainly fine but clouds that develop from midday on are expected to lead to scattered showers or isolated thunderstorms, mainly in the mountains and inland.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be mainly fine but there will be increased cloud at midday and in the afternoon, mainly in the mountains and inland.

Temperatures will edge up on Monday, remaining at the same levels on Tuesday and Wednesday at close to average for the time of year.