Parliament freezes 246 promotions in education sector

September 17, 2019 at 8:51am
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Parliament yesterday froze a total of 246 proposed promotions in the island’s education sector but has given the green light for 44 in the wider public service.

MPs have asked the Education Ministry to submit further clarifications on the proposed promotions which are set to come in effect on September 1, 2020.

If approved, the promotions will be allocated as follows: 57 to the Directorate of Primary-level Education, 155 to the Directorate of Secondary-level Education and 31 to the Directorate of Secondary-level Technical and Vocational Education and Training. In addition, the Pedagogical Institute is asking for the unfreezing of three professors’ positions.

In the meantime, parliament has given the green light for 44 promotions in the public and wider public sector. These include promotions in the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Communications and Works, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus and Larnaca Municipality.

Specifically, 20 promotions are for chief wardens and inspectors at the Central Prison. The Ministry had initially asked for 25 such promotions but it has reduced that number to 20.

The promotions at the Ministry of Communications and Works are for an A14 (ii) scale engineer and an A14 scale air traffic controller. At the same time, 21 promotions are to be allocated to the EAC and one to Larnaca Municipality. This is for an A10 scale senior health inspector.


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