Parents’ Associations: state pays €1 million for teachers free of teaching duties

May 30, 2018 at 10:37am
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According to the chairman of the Pancyprian Confederation of Parents Associations of Primary Education, Morfakis Solomonides, 80 teachers who are free of their teaching duties because they are active in unions, cost the state around €1 million. Solomonides added that there are more than 10 teachers who have received promotions even though they have not taught in years, either because they are seconded to various state agencies, or because they work for trade unions.

Organised parents have proposed a new revised assessment system so that the inadequacy of certain teachers can be made clearer. In addition, they once again proposed the appointment of specialised teachers who can teach courses such as English, Physical Education, Music and Computers in Primary schools, without this leading to the abolishment of the institution of the appointment of one teacher responsible for each class.