Paralimni Mayor warns of safety problems at Konnos beach

July 28, 2018 at 10:48am
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Paralimni Mayor Theodoros Pyrilli has raised the issue of safety  regarding the accessibility to Konnos beach in Protaras.

Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting held at the Bishopric of Constantia in Paralimni, Pyrillis stressed that the important issue of opening an escape route from the beach is still pending. Given that the road which leads to Konnos beach has a steep slope and a single entrance and exit for cars, road users are in danger, he said.

In light of the latest dramatic events that took place in eastern Attica, and given that Konnos beach shares many similarities with the beaches of Attica, where the incidents occurred, the Paralimni Mayor warned that in the event of a fire hazard, due to the dense vegetation of the area, visitors could become trapped because of the absence of an alternative escape route.

Pyrillis added that the Forestry Department has taken precautions. But the optimum would be the opening of an alternative route to Konnos beach, he said.