Paralimni mayor accuses of police of inaction over soil dumping

April 9, 2019 at 12:21pm
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Paralimni mayor Theodoros Pyrillis says police are failing to take action against the contractor who has dumped hundreds of truckloads of soil on a hill within Paralimni’s municipal boundaries and close to Ayia Napa forest.

He told Phileleftheros newspaper that he had reported the issue to police and asked them to act. He was later told that it was not their responsibility to do so and he has therefore asked the municipality’s lawyers to pursue the issue.

Ayia Napa mayor Yiannis Karousos told the newspaper that the soil came from excavations being carried out for a planned hotel in Ayia Napa. The Environment Service says it is not part of its brief while the Antiquities Department has sent an officer to the hotel site as it is close to Ayia Napa’s ancient aqueduct.

Residents in the area say that it is unacceptable that 20 days after trucks first started dumping soil near their houses it is still unclear which department is responsible for putting an end to it. This delay has led to hundreds of trucks unloading soil, they said.

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