Paphos: Woman hospitalised after being ejected from double cabin truck after collision

September 23, 2019 at 7:35am
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A 21 year old woman is in hospital after a drunk driver lost control of his double cabin truck which collided with a parked car and hit the outside wall of a house in Peyia.

Philenews reports that the accident occurred at 11.30 pm Sunday night. It said that a Briton, who is a resident of the area, was driving the double cabin truck with two fellow Britons in the  truck’s open cargo area — a 21 year old woman and a 20 year old man.

Under conditions which are being investigated the 33 year old driver lost control of the car and it hit the back of parked car and came to a stop against the outside wall of a house.

As a result of the  collision the 21 year woman who was in the back of the vehicle was ejected into the garden of a house, sustaining serious injuries.

She has been hospitalized with multiple fractures. Her condition is described as out of danger.

The driver tested positive for alcohol — with 57 mg which is more than  twice the 22 mg legal limit.  He was arrested for causing an accident, driving under the influence of alcohol and transporting passengers in non-fixed seats.