Paphos: Teen arrested in stolen vehicle after police chase

October 8, 2018 at 8:14am
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A 14 year old was arrested at 1 am on Monday for driving a stolen vehicle after a police chase in the streets of Paphos.

He was spotted by police driving a car stolen on Saturday afternoon from outside the cemetery in Paphos.

The 14 year old non-Cypriot, who lives in Paphos with his parents,  ignored a police signal to stop but tried to make a getaway, driving though red lights and on to the pavement as police gave chase, even firing a warning shot.

At one point, the teen turned the car towards police but was immobilised when he crashed the car into a wall.

He exited the vehicle and tried to run off, but was caught by police. He resisted arrest,  and a policeman was taken to Paphos Hospital for first aid treatment.