Paphos Mayor accuses Police of having strong ties with drug underworld

May 8, 2018 at 6:47pm
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Paphos Mayor, Phedonas Phedonos, speaking on ACTIVE radio 107,4 & 102,5, has repeatedly accused Paphos’ police officers of having interpersonal relationships with drug dealers, even sharing a coffee with them!

‘At this moment’, Phedonos stressed, ‘in Paphos there is a drug network, consisted of both locals and tourists. It is tremendously large and YKAN officers are actually backing the dealers, insisting that they are contacting them in order to reach other big dealers’.

Paphos Mayor did not hesitate to claim that YKAN members cooperate with the dealers, allegedly seizing only a 3% of the drugs, while other police officers usually turn a blind eye since they are not YKAN’s members.

Police answer to Phedonos:

The Police, with an official written statement, addressed Phedonos’ allegations, declaring that there is an excessively strict legislative framework implemented by all the police officers. According to the written statement, Police is striving to carry out cases responsibly, effectively, accurately and independently.

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