Paphos hoteliers see other markets covering Russian shortfall

July 12, 2018 at 1:55pm
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A drop in Russian visitors has been covered by other markets, the press officer of the Paphos branch of  the Cyprus Hoteliers  Association Evripides Loizides said on Thursday.

He told the Cyprus News Agency that Paphos has seen a 10% drop in Russian visitors, but this has been covered by other countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

He said that the UK market was also down 7% as far as strategic tour operators were concerned, but that this had been covered by low cost airlines.

Evripidou said that by the end of the summer, Paphos Airport will have recorded a small increase in tourist arrivals but a large part of these visitors are using non-licensed accommodation.

As regards hotel occupancies, he said these were down 5% to 7% over last year.