Paphos father free on bail pending trial for attempted murder of son

January 9, 2019 at 12:02pm
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A 66 year old man charged with the attempted murder of his 44 year old son last November was freed on bail on Wednesday pending the start of the trial at the Paphos Criminal Court on May 31.

The defendant pleaded not guilty today before the court to four charges — attempted murder,  causing real bodily harm with a rifle and possession and use of ammunition.

The court set the trial to start on May 31. It ordered the defendant freed on €100,000 bail. His name will be placed on the stop list, must hand in his travel documents and report to the Stroumbi police station daily.

The 66 year old is accused of shooting his son at their home in a Paphos village on November 24. The son was taken to Paphos hospital with injuries to the hand and shoulder from the pellets of a hunting rifle.