Paphos Court sentences woman to 10 years in prison on drug-related charges

January 29, 2019 at 1:56pm
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Paphos Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced a 30 year old Greek woman who was found carrying 21,115 kilos of cannabis at Paphos Airport to ten years in prison.

The woman was arrested on September 27 at Paphos Airport on her arrival from Athens.

Drug Enforcement Unit (YKAN) officers who were at the airport saw the woman acting nervously while waiting for her luggage.

After seeing her receiving two bags covered in nylon from the baggage carousel, they informed a customs officer who stopped her and asked her to open her bags.

After searching them, the officers found 23 nylon bags containing 21,115 kilos of cannabis.

The woman said that she had been approached by someone in Thessaloniki who paid her €2000 to deliver the bags to someone who would have been waiting for her at a Nicosia hotel.

She claimed that she agreed to deliver them as she is facing financial problems and her six year old son in Greece has health issues.

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