Nine arrested on delinquency, drug charges during Limassol police raid

March 9, 2019 at 3:12pm

Police in Limassol conducted raids on Friday night to combat juvenile delinquency, philenews reported.

Around 10 pm, police carried out operations in areas where it was reported that young people were starting fires.

Outside a church, the force spotted around 20 youngsters and two burning fires. Five of the youngsters were arrested, while the others managed to escape.

The fire service was called to the scene to put out the fires.

Following, around 11:15 pm, police received a call about youngsters creating disturbance in a park. Upon its arrival, the officers found around fifteen people and arrested four. The others managed to escape.

After searching them, police found that one of the four – a 24 year old – had 4 grams of cannabis, a scale and €95 in his possession.

All the nine arrested were charged in writing to appear in court at a later date, and released.