Nicosia’s Kallipoleos to become one way street from December 9

December 6, 2019 at 3:35pm
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Nicosia Municipality has announced new traffic arrangements for Kallipoleos Avenue and surrounding streets starting from Monday, December 9.

It said that traffic on the avenue will be permitted only in one direction (towards Limassol Avenue)in the section of the avenue from the Dighenis Akritas lights to the traffic junction with Limassol Avenue.

There will be five pedestrian crossings and traffic lights on the junction of Kallipoleos, Ipetias and Halkinodos and a small roundabout on the junction of Halkodyli and Ipetia to prohibit right turns from Ipetia to Halkondyli.

Right turns on to Kallipoleos from Limassol Avenue will be prohibited as Kallipoleos will be a one way street, with the flow of traffic in the opposite direction, it added.

Streets round Kallipoleos Avenue will become one way .