Nicosia: Four arrested after police find cannabis, crystal meth and cocaine

July 22, 2019 at 9:14am
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Anti-narcotics police have arrested three men and one woman after discovering drugs at a Nicosia apartment.

Police who went to search the apartment at around 8 pm on Sunday broke down the door when the tenants would not open.

In the apartment were two men aged 38 and 36 and a woman aged 36. Police found 879 grams of cannabis, 206 grams of crystal meth and €2,800 in cash.

A second team of anti-narcotics police stopped and searched a car and in it found 70 grams of cocaine. A search of the home of the driver of the car led to the discovery of 20 grams of cannabis and €21,370 in cash.

He too was arrested.