Nicolas Papadopoulos envisages a decisive role for DIKO on the political stage of Cyprus

May 27, 2018 at 10:30am
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Nikolas Papadopoulos, president of the centrist Democratic Party (DIKO), was given a renewed mandate following a recent congress of the political party, outlining that the Democratic Party is advanced, ready to take a step forward, with unity and collectivity.

Particular emphasis should be placed on health and education issues, according to Papadopoulos, who is stressing that DIKO operates transparently, free of all impulses and without serving individual political ambitions.

‘DIKO has come to the forefront, having net positions’, Papadopoulos said during a recent interview, adding that the party’s foremost goal is to broaden its political influence in order to perform the range of roles that society demands, addressing the problems that exist and then, facilitate the achievement of a greater, better system of social justice and everyday welfare of every citizen of the country.