National Guard team wins military, police, SBA shooting competition

May 16, 2019 at 11:57am
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A team from the National Guard won Cyprus Operational Shooting Competition that took place this week.

Cypriot and SBA military and police teams took part in the competition.

The results:

Advanced Fleeting Encounter Assessment
Runner up: Cpl Harper, 2 Mercian, 174 pts
Winner: Cpl Christos, 182 pts

Attack and Re-organisation Assessment
Runner up: Sgt Andrew Barr, JSSU, 160 pts
Winner: Cpl Roshan Gurung, COSU, 188 pts

Defence Assessment
Runner up: Cpl Stoneman, COSU, 108 pts
Winner: Sgt Andrew Barr, JSSU, 124 pts

The Pistol CQM Assessment
Runners up: Cpl Roshan Gurung, COSU
Winner: Sgt Andrew Barr, JSSU

The Pistol CQM Assessment Fire Team Competition
Runner up: SBA Police
Winner: Cyprus National Guard

Falling Plate Competition
Runner up: 2 Mercian Team C2
Winner: 2 Mercian Team C1

Best Overall Individual
Runner up: Cpl Roshan Gurung, COSU, 575 pts
Winner: Sgt Andrew Barr, JSSU, 603 pts

Best Team
Runner up: COSU, 3313 pts
Winner: Cyprus National Guard: 3,400 pts