More than 20,000 residence permits for domestic workers issued last year

June 14, 2019 at 11:26am
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The Civil Registry and Migration Department issued 20,543 residence permits for third-country nationals to work as domestic workers in the past year.

According to Department figures, 74,309 residence permits for third-country nationals were issued between May 2018 to May 2019. Many of of the candidates (20,543) applied to work in domestic employment.

Countries of origin

India: 3,046

Vietnam: 1,822

Nepal: 3,810

Sri Lanka: 4,646

Philippines: 5,848

Human trafficking victims

According to the figures, 50 third-country nationals were found to be victims of human trafficking in 2018. Of them, 42 were from India, six from Vietnam, and two from the Philippines.

Domestic Workers Salary

According to the Civil Registry and Migration Department, the gross salary for a domestic worker is €460 and the net salary is €309.

Duration of stay

The maximum period of stay for third-country nationals who work as domestic workers is six years (the initial permit is for four years +two years for the renewal). The permit can be renewed after the sixth year, provided that the domestic worker is applying to work for the same employer.

Change of employer

No more than two changes of employer are allowed during the six-year employment of domestic workers (except in case of death/depatriation/ transfer of the employer in a nursing home, criminal offense by the employer against the third country citizen or after a decision of the Labour Disputes Committee in favor of the third country citizen).

Also, change of employer is not allowed after 6 years of employment.


The Application “MDW2” for the issue of Entry and Temporary Residence and Employment Permit is submitted by the employer, to the Civil Registry and Migration Department through the appropriate District Office of the Aliens and Immigration Unit of the Police or at the Central Offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia.

Employers who wish to employ a third-country national as a domestic worker, must search through EURES (European Employment Service), meaning they must advertise the post in the local press at a conspicuous place in at least two newspapers of mass circulation, as well as at the EURES for three weeks.