More rain today, temperatures to drop from tomorrow

January 3, 2019 at 7:53am
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More rain and snow are expected on Thursday as a low pressure system affects the area while temperatures are set to drop as from tomorrow with snow possible in hilly areas.

Thursday will be partly cloudy with scattered showers possible in the afternoon, mostly in the mountains and in the west.  Temperatures will be 18 C inland and on the coasts and 8 C in the mountains.

The evening will be manly cloudy with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. Snow or sleet is possible in the mountains.  Temperatures will fall to 9 C inland, 12 C on the coasts and 3 C in the mountains, with frost possible in places.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be cloudy at intervals with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms.

Snow is expected at high altitudes on Friday and Saturday. Temperatures will fall gradually and by Sunday will be below average for the time of year with snow possible also in hilly areas.