Millions of butterflies visit Cyprus again during migration (video) – Kitasweather

April 5, 2019 at 3:44pm

Millions of painted lady butterflies made a stopover in Cyprus on Friday during their annual migration, kitasweather reported.

Elli Tzirkalli, a doctoral student at Ioannina University and a butterfly researcher told, philenews that the mass migration of the Vanessa Cardui or Painted Lady starts from North Africa, passes through Israel and Cyprus, over the Mediterranean and then to Central Europe.

According to kitasweather, around ten million butterflies passed through Israel yesterday to reach Cyprus.

This is the second mass migration recorded in two weeks. Millions of butterflies also made their appearance in Cyprus on March 22 as part of an annual migration from North Africa, to the delight of hundreds of people across the island captivated by the beautiful sight.

Maps and video by Kitasweather:

Butteflies in Paphos on Friday:

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