Man arrested in Paphos district in connection with thefts from cars

April 14, 2019 at 8:50am
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A 49-year old man was arrested on Saturday in connection with police investigations into a case of causing damage to cars, stealing from a car and illegal possession of property, in the Paphos district.

According to the police in Paphos and Kelokedara, they were monitoring closely movement at a specific parking area in Paphos district, where people had reported theft and damage to their car.

Yesterday afternoon police noticed an unknown person checking parked cars, breaking a car window and stealing a lady’s handbag.

Police officers approached him but as soon as he saw them, he got in his car and sped away, only to be stopped later on by a police patrol.

Police found in his car a lady’s handbag with a mobile phone, a purse and other personal items, which were identified later on by their owner. They also found a knife and a screw driver.

Police issued an arrest warrant against the 49-year old man in connection with another 12 cases of damage and theft to cars, committed between 27/1 to 13/4 2019.

Kelokedara police are continuing investigations.