Man arrested for possession of duty free goods, attempting to bribe police officer

July 5, 2019 at 9:09am
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A large quantity of duty free tobacco was found in the possession of a 53 year old man who police say allegedly offered a police officer a bribe not to report him.

Police said that acting on a tip off, they had placed a car parked in the car park of a private hospital in Nicosia under surveillance.

At around 12 noon, a man approached and tried to get into the car. He was stopped by police who searched the car and found 241 cartons of cigarettes, another 100 packs of cigarettes, 12,575 grams of tobacco and €3000 in cash.

On his person, the suspect had €495 and 2560 Turkish lira in cash.

On being informed that he has was committing an offence, the suspect reportedly offered the police officer cash and cigarettes not to report him.

He was arrested for bribery.

During a search of his home, police found another 135 cartons of cigarettes which appear to be duty free, as well as €6000 and 12800 Turkish lira in cash.

He was charged in writing for attempted bribery and handed over to the customs department to handle the case with the duty free goods.

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