Man arrested for people trafficking and sexual exploitation of two women

October 15, 2019 at 10:46am
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A 50 year old man is under arrest on suspicion of people trafficking, abduction and sexual exploitation as well as conspiracy to carry out a fake marriage.

This follows a complaint filed by a 20 year old woman who said she and a 23 year old woman were approached while in their country abroad to come to Cyprus for a fake marriage scam in return for €2500.

On their arrival in Cyprus in early August, they were picked up by a 50 year old man. One week later they asked to leave the house where they were staying but the suspect refused to let them go and kept their travel documents.

He then allegedly took them to another location where he forced the 23 year old to have sex for payment and in September forced both women with violence and threats to carry out a fake wedding and pocked the money.

Larnaca police are investigating.