Limassol police seek driver who allegedly threatened another driver with a knife

March 26, 2019 at 11:30am
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A 32 Greek Cypriot has lodged a complaint with Limassol police that he was threatened with a knife by another driver on Sunday night.

Philenews said  that the 32 year old had reported to police that as we was driving near Polemidhia roundabout, the car in front of him swerved dangerously and in order to avoid it, he drove on to the grass section of the roundabout.

The other driver then got out of his car and moved threateningly against him holding a knife and shouting in broken Greek “I’m going to kill you.”

The complainant drove off, but when he stopped at a red light he saw the other driver pull up next to him, shouting and gesturing.

The 32 year old drove directly to Ayios Ioannis police station when he lodged a complaint.

According to the registration plates of the other car, it belongs to a Iraqi political refugee who lives in Paphos.

An arrest warrant has been issued against him and he is being sought by police.